Sponge Rasgulla




Sponge Rasgulla is a very famous Indian Sweet. It is very popular by its name Bengali Rasgulla or White Rasgulla as its origin lies in the city of Kolkata, but is also very popular in other parts of India. It’s a low cal. Sweet.


1 liter full cream milk

1 & 1/2 cups sugar

1tsp. lime juice

2 tsp. rose water

4 cups water

3-4 strands of saffron

Rose petals for garnish


Heat the milk till it gets boil. Remove from fire and add lime juice.

Reheat the milk till it gets boil. Stir slowly till the milk is fully clotted. Pour this into muslin covered strainer. Tie the muslin cloth to remove extra water and dip 6-7 times into the normal water to remove the taste and smell of lime juice.

■Keep it for 20 minutes to remove the excess water and blend this mixtures till smooth. Make equal sized balls of this Cheese.

■Meanwhile heat the sugar and water in a wide sauce pan. Bring them to boil.

■After 15 minutes put them into the boiling water containing sugar. Cover with a tight lid. Boil rasgulla for 15 minutes. Add cold water if required.

■Rasgulla will become double in size; remove from heat and cool rasgullas to room temperature. Add rose water and Refrigerate for 2 hours and then serve chilled. Garnish with saffron strand or Rose petals.


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