Five tips for buying fresh fruits



1-Buy fruits and vegetables those are uniform in color with no soft or brown spots, or bruises.

2-Watermelons are not ripe if they have white or pale green on one side.  Look for yellow color on one side.

3-Bananas Purchase slightly green and allow them to ripen at room temp.  The skin should be free of bruises and black or brown spots at the store.

4-Melon should not be whitish-green.  Look for the rind to have a creamy to yellowish color and velvety texture. It should be light weight but big in size is perfect for buying.

5-Oranges with a slight greenish tinged may be just as ripe as fully colored ones.  Lemons with light or greenish-yellow color are tarter than the deep yellow ones.  Avoid citrus showing withered sunken or soft areas.  Go for those heavy for their size.  More juice is usually in ones with smoother, thinner skins.  Most skin markings do not affect quality.


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