Caramel Pudding



Eggless & Gelatin free Pudding.


2 small tin Rainbow Evaporated Milk

5 gram Aga Agar or China Grass

2tsp, Vanilla custard powder

1/2 cup Milk

1/2 cup sugar

1tsp. Vanilla essence

5tbsp. Brown sugar

1tsp. Butter


Heat butter in a pan, melt brown sugar for caramelizing. Add two tbsp. Water and make caramel sauce in rich brown color. Soak Agar Agar in the water. Mix custard powder in the half cup of milk heat rainbow milk in the heavy bottom pan, add custard power mixture, and keep stirring. Add sugar into this. Another pan heat soaked Agar Agar with water till it forms transparent gel. Add this in to custard mixture, and boil together 3minutes.Add vanilla essence. Pour caramel sauce in the mold first than add vanilla custard mixture. Set in the fridge about 3-4 hours. Before serving, Dip the mold in to warm water and quickly remove from mold with the help of spoon, serve upside down, Enjoy.


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