Here are 6 tips on how to make a simple dessert delight and tempting-


1. Serve two or three pieces of Dessert and concentrate on the pairings you serve with them. Keep the focus on the flavors of the Dessert and Color theme.

2. Fruits add flavor, sweetness, texture and juiciness that all are a nice contrast to creamy based Desserts. Try different types of fruit and cheese, like Mango, strawberry and passion fruits for flavor and sauce.

3. Go Nuts – nuts are almost always a delicious complement to any Desserts, adding texture and a mild flavor that won’t compete with the complexities. Choose your favorite nut – almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans and even peanuts won’t disappoint for garnishing.

4. Honey pairs well with most gourmet cheeses, and, along with an assortment of crushed nuts or sweet crackers can make a simple cheesy dessert in minutes. Even you can make caramel sauce with Honey for a twist.

5. Luscious, creamy cheeses or whipped cream can be served as desserts with very little fuss. Soft Cream Cheese or whipped cream pairs well with strawberries and when sprinkled with a light chocolate sauce can be its own Cheese cake Pudding. Other Options need a bit more ornamentation – like berries, honey, walnuts, and sweet crackers – to thrive as desserts.

6. Serve sweets with Fresh flowers can be interesting. Rosés are an excellent choice as well. The sweet citrus notes of Orange Flowers will add some twist to the Dessert.




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