Acharee Phool (Mathree Stuffed With Mango Pickle)



Mathree is a popular snacks in north India, also known as Kadak Puree or Namak pare. People baked cookies during Christmas time, likewise Mathrees are made during Holi & Diwali (Indian Festivals) . Best known as travelling snack or tea time snack.I love to eat Mathree  with tea, but in North India , People spread the Mango pickle on the top of Mathree and eat. I made these Mathree with stuffing of Dry mango pickle.


• 2cups Plain Flour

•1 cup Semolina

•1 tsp. Carom seeds

•3-4tbsp. Dry mango pickle

•1 tsp. crushed black pepper (optional)

•3 tbsp. Clarified Butter

• salt to taste

•Flower shape cookie cutter

•oil for frying

•1cup or more lukewarm water for making Dough


1. Sieve the Plain flour, semolina and salt together.

2. Add Clarified butter, carom seeds, pepper and rub in the flour.

3. Add water to make firm dough, Knead well to make it smooth. Keep it cover for 15 minutes.

4. Divide the dough in to 4-5 balls, roll it and use cookie cutter to make the flowers shapes.

5. Spread the pickles and seal the sides by joining two flowers. Use fork to prick each flower in the center.

6. Heat oil on medium slow heat; fry Mathrees in the batches till light golden brown from both sides.

7. Serve hot with fresh cup of Tea or Coffee, otherwise cool completely and store in airtight jar.


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