4 Medium size Sweet Potatoes, Boiled & mashed

1tsp. Ginger Grated

2Green Chilies, finely Chopped

12-14 Cashewnuts

3tbsp. Khoya, Grated (Available at Indian Sweet Shops)

2tbsp. roasted Gram, Powdered

1tsp. Black pepper

1tsp. Chaat Masala

1tsp. Lime juice

1tsp. dries Lemon Powder

1tsp. Red chili powder

½ tsp. nutmeg Powder

½ tsp. Cumin powder

Salt to taste

4tbsp. Clarified Butter or ghee


1-Heat pan, add 1tsp. clarified butter, ginger & green chilies and Khoya, sauté for 1 minute. Keep aside.

2- Mix all the dry spices and Mashed sweet potatoes into this.

3- Add Lime juice and make 12-14 small round Pettis. Press cashew nuts on each Petti.

4-Heat remaining butter and shallow fry all these Mouth Melting kebabs, till light Brown.

5- Serve these with Apple chutney , Ketchup & Mint Curd.


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