Old Delhi’s charm is, its Nagori poori Alu & Halwa; a popular Delhi breakfast especially in winter. The latter is Nagori, a small, crispy, crumbly poori made with semolina and ghee, which is served with a spicy potato curry, paired with Halwa (a sweet, dry porridge cooked in ghee).  Take a savory bite; take a sweet bite. This is a mix & match combos of Flavor, here is my Winning Recipe of Nagoori poori Alu & Halwa:

It’s said that these beloved traditional foods just don’t taste the same outside of Old Delhi. But I tried to create the same magic of taste, as my old memories are related to that area. My Grandfather used to bring this traditional Delhi breakfast from Chandni Chowk, to pamper my taste buds.


For Poori:

500 gm. Semolina

2tbsp. Plain flour

½ tsp. Carom seeds

Salt to taste


Oil for Frying


1. Mix the semolina, plain flour, carom seeds and salt.

2. Rub in 5 tbsp. of ghee and add enough water to make stiff dough.

3. Make small walnut sized balls of the dough and roll out to 1/8 inch thickness.

4. Heat ghee in a frying pan till smoking.

5. Reduce heat and fry till puffed up and lightly colored.

6. Drain and Serve.



• 3 medium size Potatoes, Boiled & mashed

• 1cup Yogurt

•1tsp.Ginger paste

•1tsp.Chili powder

•1tsp.Coriander powder

•1/2tsp.Turmeric powder

•Salt to taste

•2tbsp. Tomato puree

•1tbsp. Aseel ghee

•1tsp. Clove powder

• 2 whole red chilies

•1tsp.Cumin seeds

•1/8tsp. cinnamon powder

•1/2 tsp. dry mango powder

• 1/8 tsp. Asafetida


1. Heat ghee in a pan, add cumin seeds and let it brown.

2. Add all the dry powder masala and tomato puree. Sauté.

3. Then add ginger paste & yogurt. Mix.

4. Add Mashed Potatoes and 3-4 cup water.

5. Add salt and simmer this for 10-15 minutes.

6. Keep stirring in between to avoid curdling

7. When it starts to thicken then add chopped fresh coriander.

8. Add ½ cup boiled Chick pea for better taste, when simmering the potatoes.



1cup Semolina

1cup Clarified butter or Ghee

1cup sugar

1tbsp. Cardamom powder

2tbsp. Raisins

10-12 Almonds, sliced

2tbsp. Pistachio nuts sliced

31/2 cup water


1. Heat a heavy bottom pan and roast the semolina with ghee for 10-15 min. on a low flame, keep on stirring in between so that the semolina does not burn and gets a uniform color.

2. Warm water, sugar in a separate pan, add raisins and Cardamom powder to it and give it one rolling boil. Remove from fire.

3. Add nuts to roasted semolina mixture.

4. Add the hot sugar water to the semolina slowly and keep stirring it, so that no lumps are formed.

5. Stir the whole mixture very well and let the Halwa cook for 5-6 minutes more.

6. Serve hot Halwa with Nagori Poori & Alu.


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