1cup semolina

1tbsp. gram flour

1tbsp. almond powder

1cup Ghee or Clarified Butter

1cup sugar

5slice Delmonte pineapple, (tinned) cubed, 2 for decoration.


10-12 raisins

2tbsp. pistachio nuts

8-9 Almonds

3cup water

1cup Pineapple syrup

1tsp cardamom powder


1- Heat ghee in a pan, add semolina and cook stirring continuously. Add Gram flour & almond powder and stirring till it turns golden brown.

2- Boil water, sugar, raisins in a separate pan. Add Pineapple syrup and cardamom powder and boil.

3. Add nuts and mix. Add pineapple and further cook for two to three minutes.

4. Add boiled water and mix and cover and cook on medium heat for three minutes.

5. Keep stirring tills all the moisture evaporates and semolina is cooked completely. Garnish with almonds & pistachio and serve hot.


—————————————————————————- BON APPITITE/ Ritu Chaturvedi


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