According to Indian Ayurveda Shastras, Food categories into three types SATVIK< RAJSIK< TAMASIK corresponding to their properties: In Ayurveda, there is a saying that any food item, which grows under the ground, is Tamsik in nature and one, which comes from the top of the tree or plant like leaves, flower and fruits are Satvik in nature
Satvik food provides calmness, purity and promotes longevity, intelligence, strength, health, happiness and delight. The examples of Satvik food items are fruits, vegetables, leaves, grains, cereals, milk, honey, etc. These items can be consumed as they are. One can live on Satvik food for life. . Satvik food is usually fresh, seasonal and locally grown.
The foods grouped under Satvik are:
* Vegetarian food without Onion & Garlic
*Non-refined cereals
*Milk and its derivatives
*Fruits and Juices
Consumption of the above mentioned aids in guarding the mind in a state of restful alertness, hence leading to improved concentration and reduces lethargy.
Rajsik food is mixture of hot, spicy and salty food items with pungent taste, promote negativity, passion and restlessness and High Blood pressure etc.
*The foods grouped under Rajsik are;
*Hot & Spicy Food
*Refined Cereals
*Fried & Junk Food
*Meat and non-vegetarian food
Consumption of the above mentioned leads to cholesterol, hypertension, irritability and mood-swings.
These foods create sensuality, sexuality, greed, jealousy, anger, delusion, fantasies, egotism and irreligious feelings. People, who consumed Rasik food more, are interested in the four P's – power, prestige, position and prosperity. But they are quite in control of their lives and aren’t obsessed by any of the above.

The foods grouped under Tamsik are:
*Meat & other non-vegetarian food
*Tea, Coffee and other caffeinated beverages
*Alcohol & Tobacco
*Stale Food
Consumption of the above mentioned leads to lack of concentration, sleeping disorders, anger outbursts and acidity. Tamsik food promote in our body dullness and ignorance, because it takes time for digestion. The person who eats only Tamasik food, has insecurity, and is unable to deal with others in a balanced way. They have little regard for the welfare of others and tend to be very self-centered. Their nervous system and heart do not function optimally and such individuals age fast. They usually suffer from conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and chronic fatigue.


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  1. But onion & garlic or any vegetables fried in good quality oil is also satvik. But they should not be eaten raw or without frying in good oil

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