Béchamel is traditionally made by melting equal quantity of butter, and Plain flour in order to make a roux, which is cooked under gentle heat while stirring with spoon. As it is a white sauce, care needs to be taken not to brown the roux. Then heated milk is gradually whisked in, and the sauce is cooked until thickened and smooth. Salt and white pepper are added as per taste. Sometimes pinch of nutmeg to be used for a variety, likewise I have tried Saffron Béchamel Sauce for this Recipe.
1cup Broccoli florets
2tbsp. Plain flour
1cup Milk
1/2tsp. Fresh crushed Pepper
Salt to taste
7-8 Strands of Saffron, Soaked in hot water
1tsp. Pistachios, Sliced
Cook Broccoli floret in to Salted hot water for five minutes, Remove and dip into cold water. Melt Butter in to a pan, add plain flour and stir. Without changing its color add milk and stir continuously. Add soaked saffron, salt & pepper in to this. Mix cooked Broccoli florets, and checks the consistency. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Serve with lightly toasted Pistachio sliced.

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