Ginger is an underground stem (rhizome) is used as a spice and also as a medicine. The color of ginger is pale yellow .Best quality of ginger is from Kenya or Jamaica.  It can be used fresh, dried and powdered, or as a juice or oil. Ginger has a peppery flavor.

Ginger is rich in magnesium, vitamin B 6 and vitamin C. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and iron in small amounts.

Mostly used for digestion. One of the chemicals in ginger is also used as an ingredient in laxative, anti-gas, and antacid medications. In foods and beverages, ginger is used as a flavoring agent.

Benefits of ginger:

1- Improves digestion of food

2- Improves absorption of nutrients

3- Cures colds – throat and nose congestion

4- Reduces nausea

5- Reduces flatulence

6- Reduces abdominal cramps

7- Reduces inflammation and joint pain

8- Ginger reduces hypo pigmented patches on your skin.

It’s available all the season and everywhere. For selecting the right ginger, look for smooth skin. Ginger also available dried and ground in the spice section. Fresh ginger will keep for around 2 weeks in the fridge.


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