2cups fresh chopped broccoli, Blanched

150 ml vegetable stock or keep the water in which you blanched the broccoli


1/2Cup milk

1tbsp. Plain flour

Pinch of nutmeg

1/2tsp. white pepper powder

Salt to taste

1/ pepper, freshly grounded

1tsp. olive oil

4-5 strands of saffron, soaked in the hot milk

2tsp. pistachio


Chop finely broccoli florets. Heat butter in the pan adds 1tbsp. plain flour; cook it on slow heat. Add pistachio nuts, chopped broccolis and stocks. Cook it on simmer for 4-5 minutes. Remove and blend it with hand blender.

Heat again and bring it to a boil. Lower the heat and add soaked saffron,milk, salt pepper, nutmeg powder.Simmer for 2minutes and remove.

Garnish with olive oil & coarsely ground pepper, serve hot.




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