Khaman Dkokla is the steam dish made of yellow lentils. It is very simple & easy to make. Fuss free Snack to serve with tea or anytime eat. Here I am sharing my sister’s recipe…

Preparation Time:4 Hours                                                                                                Cooking Time: 15  Minutes



2cups soaked split yellow gram

2 Green mild Chilies

Salt to taste

1/8 tsp. asafetida

2tbsp. Raisins

1tsp. Black Sesame Seeds

1/2tsp. Turmeric Powder

1tsp. Fruit Salt, ENO

1tbsp. Oil for greasing the pan

For Tempering & Garnishing:

1 tbsp. Oil

1tsp. Mustard Seeds

1tsp. Sesame Seeds

5-6 Curry leaves

2 Green Chilies

2tbsp. Chopped Coriander

2tbsp. Fresh Coconut, grated

2tbsp. Pomegranates (Optional)



1-Grind soaked lentil in the blender with little water till smooth. Remove & keep it cover for 4 hrs.

2-After 4 hours this batter will be fermented.

3-Add salt, turmeric powder, raisins, black sesame seeds and chopped green chilies in this batter.

4- Heat pan with water for steaming and grease the tin or tray (7”).

5-When water start boiling in the steam pan, add Eno fruit salt in the batter and mix slowly with spoon.

6- Pour this in the greased tin and steam it for 12 -14 minutes or till done.

7-Move knife from corner of the tin to remove steamed Dhokla from tin easily. Cut in to squares.

8-Heat oil in the pan and add mustard seeds and sesame seeds. When it started crackle add curry leaves and green chilies.

9-Add Dhokla pieces in this tempering and mix gently.

10-Serve in the plate and garnish with grated Coconut, chopped coriander and pomegranates.






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