Dahi Papdi chat is very popular street food of India. Dahi papdi is thin & crispy fried puff breads topped with yogurt, boiled potato & Mint & sweet chutney. Here in this my recipe I have used baked Mathree, for low cal. Dahi Papdi. Enjoy this very sweet & tangy Chaat. You can use ready made papdi instead of baked Mathree.


2 Baked Mathree, Basket (Readymade 8 Papdi)

1, Boiled Potato, cubed

1cup, yogurt

2 pieces Dahi Bara,

4 tbsp. Sweet Chutney

2 tbsp. Mint Chutney

1tsp. Cumin powder, dry roasted

½ tsp. Red chili powder

Salt to taste

2tbsp. Fresh coriander, finely chopped

2tbsp. pomegranate

Fine sev for garnishing


Mix salt in the yogurt and whisk it till smooth. Lightly mashed cubed potatoes and add 1tsp. mint chutney & salt in this. Arrange baked Mathree or papdi in the plate. Topped each papdi with boiled potatoes, if you are using Dahi Bara, add that to on each papdi. Add whisk yogurt on each papdi. Drizzle Sweet Chutney & mint chutney. Drizzle some sweet chutney and mint chutney on top. Lightly sprinkle Cumin powder & red chili powder. Top it with pomegranates and Fresh coriander leaves. Finely add Sev and serve immediately, because it became soggy very fast. Enjoy the Dahi Papdi Chaat.


Check Sweet Chutney & Mint Chutney recipe from my previous Recipes.




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