100 gm. Cooking Chocolate Bar

125 gm. Butter, at room temperature

135 gm. Powdered Sugar

180 gm. All-purpose flour

2 tsp. Baking Powder

1/2 cup Chopped Hazel nuts

1 tsp. Orange Essence

4 tbsp. Milk

2 tsp. Icing Sugar for Garnishing

2 Strawberries for garnishing, Optional


Set 180 degree temperature at oven. Grease 7 inch rectangle cake tin or use Silicone cake Mold. Mix Chocolate with butter on the Double Boiler. Transfer this in the Stand mixture bowl. Sieve Flour, baking powder & sugar. Mix it with chocolate & butter mixture. Mix well with medium speed. Add orange essence and water. Fold with chopped hazel nuts and transfer this in the cake tin. Bake it about 33 to 35 minutes in the pre heat oven. Cool it ten to fifteen minutes.  Sifted some icing sugar and garnish with fresh strawberry slices and toasted hazel nuts. Enjoy the Happy New Year with this easy eggless cake.BE HAPPY & LOVE COOKING.


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