Let’s begin 2014 with very easy & fool proof recipe of Tomato Chutney. Here is very simple recipe, you can make it and keep in the fridge. Serve with Potato Staff Flat bread or cutlets. My family loves it with Aloo Parantha and Paneer Pakoras. You can serve it as a Tangy dip with potato chips or with Fresh veg. sticks like cucumber or carrots or anything you like. This bright red-colored chutney is really mouth-watering and very easy to make.


1 kg. Fresh Tomatoes, small size

2tbsp. Ginger paste

1tsp. Olive oil

1tsp. Cumin seeds

1tsp. Turmeric

½ tsp. Cinnamon powder

1tsp. Red Chili Powder

4 tbsp. Sugar

Salt to taste

1tbsp. Lime juice


Wash & chop tomatoes finely.Heat oil adds cumin seeds over low heat to make it light brown. Add turmeric, ginger paste & chopped tomatoes. Add salt & mix well. Cover it with lid and cook for 3-4 minutes. Remove lid & mash this pulpy tomatoes with spoon. Add all the spices and sugar, except lime juice. Cook it on medium heat for 7-8 minutes. Remove from heat and add lime juice. Cool & store in the sterilized jar. Keep it in the fringe and serve with snacks or bread. It is very tasty and delicious dip.





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