Today is very sunny day; summer is knocking at the door step so I thought of making Garden fresh Greek salad. Very fresh, nice & bit tangy salad with all fresh vegetables, Greek Salad is made of cucumber, tomato, salad leaves, Feta cheese & Olives. It can be served as a side dish or with some toasted bread or French bread. Hope you will enjoy this very tangy & crunchy Garden fresh Greek Salad.


3 Medium Plum Tomatoes, cubed

2 Cucumbers, cubed

400 gm. Lettuce Leaves

200 gm. Feta Cheese, cubed

50 gm. Black Olives

2tbsp. Olive Oil

1tbsp. Lime juice

Salt to taste

1tbsp. Oregano, dried

1tsp. Toasted Sesame Seeds


Place half of the lettuce leaves in the serving bowl and chop roughly the remaining. Combine olive oil, salt & lime juice in a bowl and whisk with fork. Toss with chopped lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, olives and arrange over lettuce leaves bed.  Add cubed Feta cheese and Sprinkle oregano and sesame seeds, serve immediately.


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