RICH RED POMAGRANATE: Super Healthy & Gorgeous Fruit

RICH RED POMAGRANATE: Super Healthy & Gorgeous Fruit


A very rich red Pearl kind of Persian fruit Pomegranate is super healthy. This fruit is covered with hard skin of pinkish red or orange yellow color and, inside full of juice and seeds. You can keep pomegranate seeds in the covered box for 5-6 days in the fridge.


This Red color fruit is rich in high levels of flavonoids and polyphenols. The rich antioxidant fruit is good for lowering cholesterol and other heart related disease. This anti-cancer and immunity buildup fruit is very supportive in depression also. This gorgeous jewel like fruit is little hard to take out seeds but can be used in many ways.


Pomegranate can be just peel and eat or you can have in juice form. You can add in any salad to make it healthier. A dessert will turn divine by adding pomegranates seeds. .A simple bruschetta can be gorgeous by adding this jewel like seeds. Watch my blog for more recipes of pomegranates.



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