WEEKEND AND MY CAMERA: Color of Tamarind



DSC_0178 DSC_0168 DSC_0170 (2) DSC_0171


My Kitchen helper bought some tamarind for me, some are pink and some are pale green, but shapes are very unusual. The colors of fruits and vegetables are always my inspiration, so I set up a black background and my lens started working from different angles, some of glimpses are here to share with all of you, hope you will enjoy this.

TAMARIND: Sweet & sour Pod

A gorgeous bean shape tamarind is very sour in taste, but contains a lot of nutrients such as thiamine, niacin, vitamin C and many more. Tamarind is a product of Tamarindus indicia trees which originally came from Africa, but now commonly growing all over the world like India, Pakistan, Middle East Australia, Mexico, and South America. In Mexico, it is called tamarindo.

Tamarind is less sour when it is in raw form, when ripe skin is browner and pulp become sticky. The sticky and silky pulp of the ripe pod is edible and taste is the mix of sweet & tangy. The pulp of tamarind is commonly used in making curries, candy, syrups & sauces etc.




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