New Mom, blessing in disguise, cute baby in the arm but there is sleepless night and tired body; every mom faced these challenges after delivering the baby. In India there is traditional to pamper the new mom with lots of traditional food, body message with herbal oils etc. New mom need complete rest to take care of baby and herself. To recover fast and back to normal life, 40 days special food is given to new mom. These rich foods are full of nuts and herbs; one of the traditional foods is Badam (Almonds) and Edible gum (Gaund) Laddo. This laddo prepared by new mom’s mom or Mom in law, to provide her extra energy and support her lactation period. Here I am sharing my Mom’s recipe of Badam aur Gaund Laddo. If you have joint pain or body pain these laddo are vital supportive for body. Almond is rich in protein and vitamins and consider as a super food. Almonds are a well-balanced and nutritious supplement to a breastfeeding mother’s diet.
Edible gum comes in transparent pinkish brown or amber colors. It comes as crystal form but when you shallow fry or roast it will pop up like popcorn. The Taste is sticky and crumbly. Edible gum is useful for healing wound fast and protect against cold. So doesn’t waste time try this recipe and enjoy sweet treat.
Makes- 8-10 Laddo
2 tbsp. Edible Gum
½ cup Almonds, Finely chopped
1 cup Wheat flour
½ cup Ghee or Clarified Butter
1 cup Powdered Sugar
2 tsp. Black Pepper, grounded
2 tsp. Cardamom powder
Heat Ghee in the heavy bottom pan and fry edible gum till it pops and white in color, drain. Add wheat flour and stir continuously. Roast wheat flour till it became light brown; add coarsely ground almond and roast again till the flour start releasing the smell of roasting. Add cardamom powder and black pepper powder and remove from heat. Grind coarsely fried gum and add to the roasted wheat flour. When it slightly cool add powdered sugar and mix well.
Apply little butter on your palm and make small lemon size balls with pressing both hands. Repeat to make all laddo while the mixture is slightly warm. Keep each laddo on the plate, once it completely cool store in an air tight container for up to 8-10 days.


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