Lime pickle is oil free pickle, consider as second place in the popularity list. For me this is not a pickle it’s more than pickle because it’s very good for digestion. Sweet and tangy lime pickle is good for heeling stomach pain or gas problem. This pickle is easy to make but takes time to mature. Try and enjoy sweet and tangy lime pickle.

12-14 Limes wash and wiped

2 tbsp. Salt

2 tsp. Black Salt

2 tsp. carom Seeds

2 tsp. cumin seeds

2 tbsp. Black Pepper

1Inch long Cinnamon sticks

7-8 Cloves

4 Black Cardamoms

2 tsp. Red chili powder

2 tsp. Ginger Powder

1 Cup Sugar

1-Wash and clean a glass jar with lid.
2- Cut limes in to small wedges; remove seeds as much as you can.
3- Mix limes with both types of salt in the glass bowl.
4-Remove skin of black cardamom and crush lightly all the seeds.
5- Heat a pan and remove from fire add all the dry ingredients except the sugar.
6- Roast lightly in the pan for 3-4 seconds. Cool and grind coarsely.
7- Mix all these spices in the limes. Toss well.
8-Fill dry glass jar with limes and cover it with white muslin clothes, tie it with rubber band. Keep it every day in the sunlight for 5-6 days. Shake the jar alternate day.
9- Add sugar and mix well. Keep it again in the sunlight for 10-12 days.
10- Check the skin of lime if it’s slightly soft, then pickle is ready to eat otherwise keep it 3-4 days more in the sunlight.



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