Bread is the primary food and nothing can beat the flavored home baked bread. I tried to bake bread with cottage cheese, thyme & sesame seeds, this trio make simply delicious bread. You can have with butter or anything. My tips for making bread are:
“ wait & knead with love” If you are trying to bake bread first time, don’t be impatient, just knead the dough with love and give time to ferment properly, voilà, you will succeed to bake the bread.
3 cups Organic Bread Flour
1 cup All-purpose flour
7 gm. Yeast
1 tsp. Sugar
2 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Baking Powder
2 tbsp. Olive Oil
1 ½ cups Water warm
2 tbsp. Sesame seeds
½ cup Cottage Cheese, crumbled
2 tbsp. Fresh Thyme
1 tbsp. Crushed Chili Pepper
Sieve both the flour with salt & baking powder. Combine sugar with 1 tbsp. water and mix with yeast. Cover for 4-5 minutes and keep aside.
Mix oil and yeast in the flour and add warm water gradually to make soft dough. Use both hands to knead the dough smooth & elastic. Brush with oil and keep the dough in the bowl. Cover with cling film and keep it on warm place for 2-3 hours or till the dough has almost doubled in size.
Mix crumbled cheese with fresh thyme and chili pepper. Brush bread tin with oil and sprinkle sesame seeds over it. Spread cheese mixture evenly in the tin and pinch the dough again and put in the tin. Cover and keep it for resting again for 30 minutes.
Heat Oven at 220 degree centigrade and bake the bread for 25- 30 minutes. Remove from oven, slice and serve with butter.



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