Kheer is  a traditional Dessert of rice and milk.Generally Kheer is prepared for all holi occasion. The twist of this recipe is mixed fruit. Try and enjoy Fruitful Kheer.



1 Tin Fruit Cocktail

6 cups Full fat Milk

60 gm. Rice

150 gm. Sugar

1 tin Cardamom flavored Evaporated Milk

2 tsp. cardamom Powder

20 Almonds, blanched & sliced

20 Pistachio, Sliced

½ tsp. saffron Strands, soaked in the warm Milk


Heat the milk in the heavy bottom pan. Wipe the rice with wet cloth and add to the boiled milk. Simmer the rice and milk for 30-35 minute or till rice done, keep stirring to avoid sticking on the bottom. Mash rice with back of the spoon. Add sugar and evaporated milk, Stir again and simmer 12-15 minutes. Add cardamom powder, saffron & sliced nuts. Remove from heat and cool. When it’s completely cool add half of the tin of Fruit Cocktail in the Kheer, and keep half in the fridge. Use later in the serving. . Garnish with silver foil and serve with Fruitful Kheer with Chilled Fruit Cocktail. Enjoy the Dessert Divine.



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