Amaranth flour is derived from the seeds of the amaranth plant and in India it’s known as Rajgiri Aata.

Amaranth flour is very high in protein, fiber and lysine, essential amino acid. This flour you can eat during the fasting. It looks like bread crumbs and in flavor is grainy and nutty. Try to bake these very crumbly cookies; I am sure you will love it.



1 cup Amaranth Flour

1 cup Peanut without skin, dry roasted & powdered

1 cup powdered Sugar

100 gm. Butter

1 tbsp. Cardamom Powder

2 tbsp. Almond sliced

½ tsp. Baking Powder


1-Mix butter with sugar till creamy in the mixing bowl. Sieve flour with baking powder and cardamom powder. Combine flour with peanut powder and add this to the butter mixture. Blend well and keep it in the fridge to set for 20 minutes.

2- Pre heats the oven at 180 degree Centigrade.

3- Divide the dough in to 20-24 small balls. Roll each one in the small circle, use cookie cutter to shape it.

4- Place the cookies in the baking tray, press 3-4 almonds sliced in each cookie.

5-Bake the cookies at pre heated oven for 13 -14 minutes or till light brown.

6-Once done cool and store in the jar. Enjoy eggless gluten free cookies with Milk, Tea or Coffee.




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