BEAUTY OF BLOG: A Makeover of Myself

BEAUTY OF BLOG: A Makeover of Myself

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Today I thought to write about my journey of blog, what is blog means to me? What is all about? I put thinking cap on my head creative juices are started flowing. The first though came as in the title of this post so I am using as it is –  Beauty of The Blog:

Like Picasso said everyone is the artist you have to find it in yourself, each & everyone in this world there is something to share & blog is the platform to share your skill, ideas, solution and so many other things. Before I started the blog I used to cook without measuring the thing, blog made me completely technical and systematical. Now I know the perfect proportion of flour, fat & water, I know the chemical properties of food, what temperature required for certain thing. What is the reaction of different kind of fruits & vegetables when you plan to mix with something, my kitchen is now my Dexter Lab.

It’s a complete transformation for me, it’s a makeover of me, As John Keats said, BEAUTY IS TRUTH & TRUTH IS BEAUTY, food is real and food is beauty, I cook my food with truth and honesty. When you add honesty and love to anything in the life, I am sure you will get 100 % success as a result, I follow my dream and my passion encourages me to fulfil it.

I am blessed with sixth sense and now it’s a part of my cooking skill. Sometimes I feel myself like a scientist in my kitchen and it encourages me to plan logic & experiments.  Because of the blog I am aware of certain types of spices, exotic fruits & vegetables, like finger limes, Kaka etc. My eyes are perfectly working on food discoveries.  The food blog is my after school self-learning course, in which the certificate is my readers and their comments.

I am sharing my journey to all my readers and I am very curious to know about your adventure, please find some time to comments on this post to share your change of life after blogging, I am very eager to read all this. My blog is my life, though it started with fun will end up with some purpose, here I would like to mention Robert Frost’s Poem…

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”




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