Everyone is running with time to manage everything. Life is very busy we are looking some alternative to make life easier and happier. Food is the main part of life; fast food and take away are not good for health. But we don’t have choice so we usually compromise.

Barakat fresh juice company is on mission to make our life easier and happier, because we all want at the end of day healthy and nutritious food,

Recently I visited to the Barakat factory, the meaning of Barakat is “Blessing or prosperity.”


Baraket Company started with 15 employees and now there are 650 people are working to make everyone’s life healthy and happy. All the products are preservative free and fresh.

Barakat Group of Companies CEO Jeyaraman Subramanian started his UAE career as an accountant, but eventually moved into sales. It suited his personality better, he says. In 1983, he met Iranian Mahmoud Barakat, a seventeen-year-old merchant with a small shop in Deira’s fish, fruit and vegetable market.

Barakat is a key supplier of processed and whole fruit and vegetables to the hospitality sector. The idea of supplying freshly cut fruits & vegetables is the brain child of genius chef Michael Wunsch. He was facing difficulties to manage the task of peeling lots of vegetables when he was executive chef at Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai.


Barakat is the supplier of Emirates Airline and hospitality sector but now they are selling more than 200 flavors ice-cream made with pure love & pure ingredients, no artificial preservatives and colors.

Here are some of the pictures of my visit to the factory.

_DSC0001 _DSC0002 _DSC0006 _DSC0007 _DSC0009 _DSC0017

It was an unforgettable experience. Barakat recently started freshly chopped vegetables in the microwave bags. You can cook easily these vegetables in the same bag in just 5 minutes. Me and my fellow bloggers were truly amazed by watching all the workers in the factory, They all were working in a rhythmic pattern to cut & chop fruits & vegetables in equal sizes. We all clapped for their dedication and hard work.



During my trip to the factory I tasted some of the smoothies made with fruits, oats, milk & yogurt. Tasty yet filling the morning requirements of breakfast.The Barakat smoothies are nutrient-dense and rich with vitamins.

Fresh n Easy is the only shop in Jumeirah next to Sunset Mall, Dubai, where you can have soup of the day, cookies of the day and Camel Milk Ice Cream.

so here is the end of fresh adventure trip to Barakat factory with smile on face….



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