Lovely weather and fresh air, winter are back in Dubai and so the market of fresh vegetables.

Here are some of glimpses of eat local fun and fresh buying. I love fresh green vegetables and herbs;  The Farmer’s Market on Terrace is my favorite place here in Dubai for all fresh & organic vegetables.

The Farmers’ Market On The Terrace is active for around 6 months of the year, during the winter season which is the growing season in the UAE. The season is back and the farmers are there to sell directly to you at the cheapest prices imaginable. The produce is so fresh it will last in your kitchen for a whole week. You don’t need to shop anywhere else.

There are freshly baked breads and spicy nuts and cookies and cupcakes. Baker & spice’s healthy Munches are my weakness.  Mariam the Chef is so genius and nice, she simple shared her signature recipe with me .After eating her signature style Crispy Bread, Russian Tea cakes and Spicy nuts, I become totally edited of these healthy alternatives of crunch munch.

Buy Better, eat better and feel better, a place is must for all fresh food lovers.

There is flavored Honey, olive oils plenty of colorful vegetables, jam, live cooking stations for healthy breakfast, so plan a trip with your family and friend make your grocery buying into a fruitful Friday family fun day. It’s every Friday at the heart of the city Emirates Tower Sheikh Zayed Road, from 9 am till 1 pm.

The Farmers’ Market on The Terrace is the market dedicated to fresh locally grown produce. If you will not go there you are missing a lot… Mark my words. Don’t be lazy, try at least once you would like to go every Friday..


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