Sheermaal is a popular Persian Bread I made this bread in the style of Waffles.


Makes: 10-12


2 cups Plain Flour

¼ cup Clarified Butter

1/3 cup Luke warm water

2 ½ tbsp. Sugar

½ cup Warm Milk plus 1 tbsp. Extra for soaking saffron strands

½ tsp. saffron Strands

¼ tsp. Sea salt

½ tsp. Cardamom Powder

4 pieces Butter Blocks for glazing

Waffle tray or molds


Sieve the flour in the mixing bowl. Add ¼ cup cups clarified butter and sugar to the flour. Roast the saffron slightly and grind in the pastel & mortar. Soak it in the one tbsp. hot milk and keep aside. Mix with the bottom of spoon to release the color & aroma of saffron and add reaming warm milk in to this.

Dissolve yeast with pinch of sugar and warm water. Add this to the flour and warm milk to make dough. Knead well to make smooth dough. Use one butter blocks to make it smoother. Cover with cling film and keep the dough for rise. After 45 minutes, when the dough doubles, knead again and add sea salt & cardamom powder. Make 10-12, balls of equal size and roll with the hands, use waffle mold to give a nice shape. Arrange in the baking tray and brush with butter. Keep it to rise again for 12-15 minutes. Pre heat oven at 200 degree centigrade and bake all the buns for 12- 14 minutes. Remove from the oven, serve hot or cold with butter or jam. These buns are perfect for breakfast, Lunch or dinner times. The aroma & rich color of saffron gives a twist to these buns, Enjoy sweet and salty taste of waffle style buns.



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