After a two month trial and tested I would like to share my secret of cooking with well-groomed nail is Kenwood Multione .A smart Kitchen machine for all who loves to cook gourmet style food every day.

Kenwood the famous brand is launched a new multione food Processor. We all need couple of kitchen helper to save time and chaos in the kitchen, like normal kitchen is required 4-5 devices to simplify the task. Kenwood is the new processor with juicer, dough maker, blender and mincer. It is a one appliance to do all task. This unique processor allows you to slice, chop, grate and blend to make food easier and healthier. The same mixer is mixing all types of dough and whisk cream to make delicious dessert. Indian cooking required fresh dough making every day. If you are making the dough by hand you can’t keep the nail paint on your nails. So I love Kenwood completely, because Manicure is my weakness, I love my colored nails. I am making dough for all types of bread everyday with Kenwood Multi one very easily. I must share the secret with you that the perfect dough makes super soft bread, and I am flaw less making the tastier lighter bread every day. I am keeping the diary in my kitchen to note down the measurement of flour and water proportion. I will share on my blog very soon that, How to make different types of dough. I tried to make dough for Indian flat bread, Naan, Chapatti,Puri, Bhatura Etc.

Here I am sharing all types of bread picture, the dough I prepared with Kenwood Multione a smart Kitchen Machine. I love my manicured nails and the smile of my family after eating super soft homemade breads.


IMG_3130 IMG_3467 IMG_4336 unnamed[2]unnamed[2] (2) IMG_2729 IMG_2786

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