Best Long Grain Rice 

Recently , I went for my regular grocery shopping at near by Ansar Gallery, while searching some new products, I saw a new brand on the shelf, out of curiosity , I picked just 1 kg pack and the price was reasonable, so I thought let’s give a try and next day when I cooked just as a steamed rice , it was truly superb , very happy good looking rice not only good in looks but in the taste, it’s remind me my mom’s style of cooking. My dad always told me that eat in the small portion but eat the quality products. He was perfectionist.

Now when I grew up , it’s remind me that each and every bit of knowledge shared by parents indirectly with the form of story or some incidents.

So here is the story of trying my new variety of rice , not given by any promoter or any PR company, simple tried and tasted by me. Enjoy the good ness of life  



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