As the day arrived of 2016, I pen down some changes  about my new healthy life style. My new life will be based on these awareness techniques; 16  tips for healthy and balanced Life :

1- Listen to your Body

2-Eat Fresh Food

3-Food is for eating or for the body, not for Emotions

4-Eat Healthy Breakfast, Normal Lunch and Light Dinner.

5-Balance you Digestive fire by choosing the right combination of food.

6-Eat when you are hungry.

7-Stop when you satisfied.

8-Chew you food until it turns in to semi solid.

9-Enjoy each and every single bite.

10-Drink water as much you can,  its a fuel for the brain.

11-Try to consume high calories food before sunset.

12-Do not eat food in front of TV.

13-Green Tea is good for charging the metabolic rate.

14- Eat food with all five flavors.

15-Five colors and five types of fruits and vegetables are really needed by the body for different purposes.

16- The food cooked with love is full of positivism, so in year 2016, Cook, eat and enjoy Life…

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