This Diwali impress your guest and family with Laddu Khas, enjoy the festival with fun food and festivity.



½ cup Semolina

½ cup Besan, (Chick pea flour)

½ cup Aata (Flour)

½ cup Moong dal  Flour, Yellow lentil flour

½ cup Mawa

2 cups  Ghee

2 cups Brown Sugar, powdered plus 2 tbsp. extra

½ cups Chopped nuts, Almonds and Pistachios

1 tbsp. Cardamom Powder

Silver leaf, optional


Heat the heavy bottom pan and add ghee and semolina. Roast five minutes and add remaining flours, continuously stirring till you will get the nice roasting aroma. The mixture should be cooked properly till light golden brown. Add all the chopped nuts, cardamom powder and mawa, cook more 3-4 minutes and remove from the heat. When the mixture is slightly cool add powdered sugar. Mix with hands and shape laddu by using both the palms. Roll the laddu in the powdered sugar and press one slice of almonds in each laddu.  Cover with silver leaf for special touch.  Serve with love for Diwali…

FRIDAY BRUNCH : Nine 7 One at Oberoi Dubai

      FRIDAY BRUNCH : Nine 7 One at Oberoi Dubai

      Every Friday indulge yourself with friends family of neighbor  at Nine 7 One at Oberoi Dubai , believe me you will find the perfect ambience , drinks ,live food and music ,must visit to enjoy international street food made from locally sourced sustainable , organic and wholesome ingredients .Well trained chef with smile will make you feel at home , when Alisha offer me to come for brunch , I went two week before , there I met an old couple celebrating their Wedding Anniversary ,Both came from India to enjoy the food made by executive chef , Both are big fan of chef Omkar, He is very nice fellow , Being a vegetarian most of the times I can’t get the food according my taste , when I was busy exploring the menu Chef Omkar  came and he assist me personally . He made Mini dosa with Purple sweet potato filling , The burger was very nice and the dessert was just divine .

      It’s jounney of different flavor at one place. 

      Very colorful Decore  and upbeat music by DJ Ramzy will make you happy from the bottom of heart, you will not only refresh but will charge your batteries for entire week .

      I will visit again for this wonderful Street art Brunch. FRIDAY BRUNCH : Nine 7 One at Oberoi Dubai.