As we all know about the month of November is the month of Diabetic awareness. Diabetes is a chronic and very common disease. Every year it’s increasing in the number of people worldwide.   Diabetic is silently killing disease. Lots of people don’t go for regular check-up and generally people don’t see this.

When Pancreas does not produce enough insulin and which increased the glucose in the blood, cause the Diabetic.

There are two types of Diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is lack of insulin production and type 2 is caused by body’s ineffective use of insulin.

14th November is the World Diabetic Day, on this occasion I would like to spread the message of Eat healthy and keep fit.  Eat better and healthy food not only makes us feel good but keep us disease free. Let’s talk about one of the serious sides of diabetic and how we can avoid its complications.

The right choice of food and freshly cooked meal make a difference not only to managing the diabetic but also keep more energised. Daily diet with fibre rich food and organic fruits and vegetables are really works well to control the diabetic naturally. Walk is very important because it regulates the metabolic rate and supports the level of blood sugar. To support the Diabetic awareness this month joins the walk on 18th November at Zabeel Park Dubai. Share your concern towards society.  Being a Teacher I feel myself more responsible to create awareness, Come and Join me for a WALK @beatdiabetic . Go Blue and Walk for Beat the Diabetic…

Let’s walk for a cause here is the link for registration:






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