120 gm Butter
200 gm Sugar
1 tbsp. Vanilla sugar
4 tbsp. Egg Replace, mix with 4 tbsp. Milk
160 gm All-purpose Flour
120 gm Corn Starch
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1 tbsp. Grated Lemon Peel
2 tbsp. Orange Juice
7-8 Slices of Candied Orange
Sift twice flour, corn starch and baking powder and keep aside.
Beat butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and grated lemon peel in the stand mixer. Add the egg replace mixture slowly. Combine sifted flour gradually into the batter. Add Orange juice and beat this for 5-6 minutes.
Meanwhile pre heat oven at 180० C and grease a 10” ring mold cake tin. Arrange candied orange slices in the cake tin. Pour batter into the prepared tin and bake for 45- 50 minutes. After baking turn out on a wire rack to cool: Garnish with candied slice and mint leaves, serve with tea or coffee .You can top with whipped cream if you want.




Christmas is here, schools are closed for winter break and everyone is rushing for buying gifts and other stuff. Some already planned ahead for Christmas party. The whole idea for party is fuss free and fabulous. Canapés are not only a tiny bite of food but very easy to make.

The trend of party food is completely changed. As the norm of health conscious people is increasing the same way the style of finger food is changed.

The gorgeous looking finger food is the latest craze in dinning trends. Small yet terrific in taste are very popular food for small of big parties.

Canapés are hassle free food for party. Any party without the good starter is just like boring seminars.

Canapés are easy to prepare in advance. The success behind this tiny food is based on your creativity. The color of the food and garnishing should be perfect to attract the eaters.

The appeal of the canapés is in the look and looks. The success of perfect canapés required little extra attention. It should be an eye catching, cleverly presented or garnished and easy to pick. Another secret of the canapés is the balance of flavor. Use a variety of breads to break the uniformity. Different topping required variety of bread, like white, brown, rye and multi seeds. Thinner the better and use colorful garnish for topping.

Apply a thin layer of fat to prevent the sogginess.

Cookie cutters are really time saver to make good looking canapés.

Plan 5-6 per serving for the number of guests, because some of the guest will not stay for main course.

I have read somewhere that normal person can eat 10-12 canapés in the party. This tiny morsel of food is delicious divine and easy to gulp. I am sharing my experience of tested and tries toppings for canapés.

Wait for the recipes it will be soon coming on my blog:

  • Canapés with Cucumber & Feta cheese
  • Canapés with Sundried Tomatoes & Olive petes
  • Canapés with Avocado and roasted nuts
  • Tiny Panini
  • Sweet Potato mesh with parsley
  • Panfryed Pineapple and Bell pepper
  • Cheese with Zattar
  • Cheese with apricot or mango jam
  • Fresh Mozzarella and cherry Tomato
  • Smoked eggplant with pinenuts
  • Grilled potatoes with rosemary
  • Mushroom & Baby corn


Red & White Cookies

Make 18-20 cookies


DSC_0036  1 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour

2 tbsp. Corn starch

2 tbsp. Coco Powder

1 tsp. Coffee Powder

1 tbsp. Beet root Powder

1 tsp. Baking Powder

Pinch of salt

½ cup Butter, unsalted

1 cup Light Brown Sugar

1 tbsp. Egg Replacer

1 ½ tbsp.  Milk

1 tsp. Vanilla flavor

1 tsp. Red Color Gel

½ cup White Chocolate chips


Mix egg replacer with warm milk and set aside.

Sieve together all the dry ingredients together. Mix butter with sugar with hand blander till creamy. Add milk, vanilla flavor, food color and flour. Mix well till combined well. Remove the dough from mixing bowl and keep in the fridge for one hour. Set the oven at 170 degree centigrade’s.

Remove the dough from fridge and make the balls out of dough. Press gently on the butter paper. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Remove from the oven and gently press white chocolate chips on each cookies. Cool and store.

Note : If you want to use egg, you can add 1 egg for this recipe, instead of egg replacer.

Here I have used some cookies stamps, if you have some you can use for design or giving personal touch.