Cooking is an integral part of my life, it makes me happy and I love to cook healthy meal for my family. My blog name is fuss free, keep it simple and keep it fuss free because I believe in simple and healthy life style. My cooking task is fuss free because I am using the helpers for my task; Midea makes my cooking fuss free. Cooking is divided in to two parts one is cutting chopping and another is cooking. Midea FOOD PROCESSOR simplify my task of cutting and chopping, I am using it every day  for making pesto, smoothie, whipping cream and grating the vegetables for salad. Very easy to use and fuss free.

For Cooking task I am using Multicooker and Microwave ; The stylish new Midea Microwave (AC042AHL) comes with convection and grill options as well. With 42 lts capacity provides wider space for the turntable to gold full size dinner plates and huge casseroles while ensuring the interior is always easy to clean. Powered with 1000 watts food is heated quickly and efficiently. Cook, bake, grill or just microwave the choice is yours and help is also available with 10 built in cooking menus to guide you as well. The microwave fits into my kitchen décor with a beautiful stainless steel body that makes it look elegant.

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Last Friday a genius kitchen appliance arrived from Jashanmal  Store, suppliers of Delonghi, to my kitchen, as it came I opened the box and read the instruction. There was a recipe book along with it. This is a new appliance for every kitchen because this not only fryer but work as a slow cooker and Oven also. I checked all the parts and understand how to use it.

DSC_0186 DSC_0187

Next day tried to make sweet potato chips I peeled the sweet potatoes and evenly sliced, I arranged in the fryer and coat all the chips with 1 tbsp. oil only. I set the time about 20 minutes and turn the bottom heat, when I press the button start; I was bit nervous to see the magic of my new friendly fryer. As you can see from outside the chips was turning slightly pink, I was sure about the result. As a naïve, I opened it in 18 minutes. The chips were perfectly done. I sprinkle some salt, black pepper and serve to my husband, and he passed the taste. So this was the first recipe I tried in the Delonghi’s smart Fryer, I will say to this fryer a smart & Genius Fryer because the uniqueness of this fryer.

DSC_0194 DSC_0199

In this fryer there is a heating element in the bottom as well as for the circulation of heat equally there is a fan on the top. After the success of my first recipe it gave me confidence to try another. So I decided to try to bake salted Cookies called Mathree, made with plain flour and semolina. I made the dough, and divided the dough in to half, I rolled all the Mathree and half I deep fried and half I fried in the Delonghi Fryer. You will amaze to know the result, the taste of Delonghi’s fried was far better than the regular fried one. After this I decide to make samosa & Bread rolls. Both turn well after cooking in the Delonghi’s fryer .I applied oil with the brush only.

Day three made me more confident about the product, so I tried Spring rolls and Thai Veggie parcels.


When you fried Spring roll in the regular fry pan it absorb too much oil, but after frying in this the rolls was very crispy and fat free. The taste was exotic because the filling was not disturbed by deep-frying technique. No need to cover my hair as I used to do earlier, when I was frying in the kitchen, the deep frying always makes my hairs oily even after putting the exhaust fan.

DSC_0220 DSC_0244

Day four, my experiment ideas got wings, so I decided to try something unique. I made gourmet styled Raw Banana, Kebabs and Potato Churros. The End result was fantastic.

Because when you fry delicate Kebabs or cutlets in the regular fry pan, the turning sometimes change the shape the kebabs, but in the smart fryer you don’t need to worry about the change of shape.

DSC_0004 DSC_0009

In the recipe book of Delonghi fryer is written that you can bake a cake in this fryer, I don’t believe so out of curiosity I made a chocolate cake. I removed the paddle   and pour the cake batter, set the timer and sat on the chair to watch my favorite show on TV. But my conscious does not allow me to sit relax so I want to the kitchen to see whether Cake is rising perfectly or not. But Delonghi proved me wrong the cake rise perfectly and baked well.  I switched off the fryer and left the cake for 15 minute for cooling. After 15 minutes I turn upside down, the cake comes out well. I bake another cake and join with Pineapple jam.I made Cream cheese frosting and cover it from all sides. At Dinner I and my family enjoyed Cream Cheese frosted Chocolate Cake.

DSC_0251DSC_0039 DSC_0119 DSC_0208

VERDICT : If you are planning to buy a slow cooker or fryer, buy this new smart fryer because it is a fryer cum slow cooker, even you can bake cake also. For me this a must buy for every kitchen, no need to deprived from fried tasty food, invest in the healthy cooking device and enjoy the delicious healthy meal everyday… have a fuss free cooking and fat free snacks.