Working from Home,corona prevention

How to Balance work life at the Time of Corona:

As we are all working from home , these tips are useful for balancing the work life.

Don’t break the Routine, follow the same timetable for start your day.

People who work from home are up to 20% more efficient than their office based colleagues. You are saving your time and energy . But if you find getting to work is taking up too much time , take a break, Make some coffee and get back to work.

Make sure you give your eyes a break from the screen every 20 -25 minutes.

To avoid unnecessary disturbance, choose a corner where you get internet faster and it’s far from Kitchen.

It s fine to watch TV in your lunch break, if you are working from home, but don’t let it upset your time table.If there are something very interesting program, you want to watch, better record and watch later.

If you have to attained a video call or conference call, inform your family members in advance so that they will not interfere you.

Set specific time for checking your email, instead of constantly checking, Four or five times a day should be enough to keep you informed.

Turn on Radio or music played through your Computer is the good option to be more stress free while working from home.

Schedule a regular time slot with your co workers to keep you in the loop.

Keep your papers in the drawers or safe place.

Have a wonderful work life staying at home, fight with corona together.