Fresh Start : New Year newyou

Fresh Start : New Year newyou

21 Fresh start ideas to inspire a New Beginning of 2021

1- Find you

2- Be you

3- Do one thing alone

4- Workout regularly

5-Eat less packed food

6-Eat more fresh produce and freshly cooked meal

7-Give up a bad habit if you have any

8-Watch Sunrise

9- Buy less new things

10- Donate to nonprofit organizations

11-Reduce plastics use in your daily life and do your bit for environment

12-Plan a monthly Social Media Detox

13-Start a new creative habit or hobby

14-Explore new places in your own city

15-Create a cleaning schedule

16-Create a Vision Board and Set small goals for life

17-Start using a planner to avoid stress

18-Listen Abundance music or Chakra healing sounds

19-Let things go and adopt the forgiveness

20-Start Writing Gratitude Journal , It’s magical

21- Find your Ikigai

I hope this will help you to find yourself and let’s start a new year with new things, new ideas, new hopes and fresh vibes…

New Start


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